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10 Best Sofa with Arm 2022

Used to modify the observability and aesthetics of the sofa. The armrest of the sofa has two forms, one is exposed, the other is hidden and covered with leather or cloth. There is another name for the exposed sofa armrest, which is the sofa wood line. Of course, the sofa wood line is also determined relative to the modern steel-wood sofa.

The armrest of the sofa cannot start from a narrow concept. The armrest of the sofa includes the force-bearing surface supported on the upper part of the human body, and the carrier that is in contact with the ground. A set of sofa armrests can have several or many pieces. The price of the sofa armrest accounts for about one-third of the entire sofa.


The style of a sofa is often determined by the style of its armrests, which is why many sofas are denoted by armrest types, such as the popular English Roll Arm sofa and Lawson sofa. With the addition of unique armrests, two identical sofas can look very different.


Here, we've identified the various armrest options and which sofa they work best with.

track arm

1.track arm

Tracks or square arms have parallel flat sides and a flat top. Its seams can be flat, but generally, parallel profiles are trimmed with pipes. This is a contemporary arm that focuses on clean lines and works well on modern sofas.

key arm

2. key arm

Elegant and refined, the keychain arm is named for the square Greek key pattern that protrudes from the top of the arm. The recognizable silhouette of this arm can be defined by nail head trim or piping for extra emphasis.

Lawson Arm

3. Lawson Arm

Inextricably linked to the sofa and inextricably linked to its name, the Lawson armrest is a plush rolled armrest with front pleats and rear shaped front panels. Panels can be plain panels or panels with piping or nail head trim.

Pleated Arm Arm

4. Pleated Arm Arm

The pleated arm is a low profile rolling arm with a front pleat, much like a Lawson arm or a pleated  sock arm without a fixed front panel . Unlike these arms, however, the pleated arms usually have no distinct contours.

asylum arm

5. asylum arm

The cover arm flares out slightly, without any trim, and is a combination of a track arm and a sock arm. Arms can have an elegant, narrow profile or a wider, more comfortable profile, and can be piped or not.

sock arm

6. sock arm

The sock arm is shaped like a Lawson arm but is not pleated and has a wider panel that covers the entire front of the arm. The profile of the front panel is almost always trimmed with piping for a more refined aesthetic.

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