Best Iron Bed Frame

10 Best Iron Bed Frame 2022

The "iron bed" is also called an iron frame bed, and the materials used are divided into three categories: square steel pipe, round steel pipe, and ordinary angle iron.  

The size of the iron bed is generally: 200 long * 100 wide * 170 high CM

The lower layer of the iron bed is 35CM off the ground and the upper layer is 140CM off the ground

Using ordinary angle iron as an iron frame bed, the production and processing cost is very low, drilling screw holes with a drilling machine, welding with an electric welding machine, and painting, but the safety is poor. Easily deformed and easily hurt.


The round steel pipe can make a beautiful appearance, and the processing cost is the highest. Security is good. The most solid iron bed can be made with square steel pipes, the processing and production costs are higher, and the aesthetics are second.


Iron bed is space saving, green and low cost.

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