Best Reclining Sofa

10 Best Reclining Sofa 2022

  Introduction of recliner sofa

   The recliner sofa is used for leisure and entertainment, and it is a very good choice. The recliner sofa has different characteristics according to the material frame.

  Chaise longue sofa features:

  1. Recliner sofa material

  Sofa/armchair frame:

  Plywood frame/ Rail: Birch veneer, Clear acrylic lacquer

  Pressure Fabric: 100% Polypropylene

  Armchair cushion:100% cotton

  Seat/ Back: Polyurethane foam 35kg/m³, Polyester padding

  Headrest:Polyester padding

 2. The frame can bear the weight of 170 kg.

  Advantages: birch plywood, curved wood frame structure, provide good elasticity;

 3. Easy to keep clean;

  The sofa cover is detachable and machine washable; the bottom is added with non-slip bottom corners, and the high backrest can better support the neck.

How about a recliner sofa

  The recliner sofa, as the name suggests, is different from ordinary sofas in that it allows you to lie down. The recliner sofa is more suitable for use in the office lunch break or home life. What about the recliner sofa?

  Many office workers have this kind of energy. They want to take a break at noon, and there is not much space. Many people lie on the table to take a rest. Every time they get up, their arms are sore and the sleep effect is not good. Really unique one, you can rest comfortably after purchasing. And use in home life, beautiful and generous. The most important thing is to be warm and comfortable. The recliner sofa is your good choice!

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