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10 Best Rocking Chair 2022

 The rocking chair is a special form of chair, which can improve the quality of life and increase the taste of life. It is one of the types of chairs that the elderly like.

A chair that can be rocked back and forth, the main material is rattan or wood or metal. Han Beiping's "African Night Party: The Story of the Chief": "After he shook hands with us, he sat on the rocking chair."

Rattan rocking chairs bring a simple, fresh, elegant and quiet pastoral atmosphere to people's lives, and the rattan rocking chair industry is full of infinite vitality and vitality.

The rocking chair came long after the cradle and the rocking horse. Cradles appeared in the 15th century, followed by rocking horses, and it wasn't until the 18th century that the rocking chair was officially invented, before no one thought of inventing this kind of furniture for adults to relax. The earliest known rocking motion is the alchemical symbol, an androgynous man standing on a crooked moon, from a 1625 German woodcut. It is also because of the human instinct to rock the body that the rocking chair has been warmly praised by people after it was invented. Many celebrities such as the president of the United States, Picasso, Mark Twain and so on have their own favorite rocking chairs, because this way of relaxation not only makes people Feeling happy, while lowering blood pressure, slowing breathing and even exercising balance, by 1787, the word Rocking Chair was officially included in the Oxford Dictionary.

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