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10 Best Sectional Sofa 2022

Sofa is a common piece of furniture in people's daily life. Faced with the dazzling array of sofa products on the market, will you be a little confused and don't know how to choose the right sofa? Today, PChouse will eliminate confusion for you, and will bring you a new sofa - modular sofa. Together with you, we will uncover the veil of modular sofas, and explore the cleaning and maintenance skills of modular sofas with you.



       1. Introduction of modular sofa

        Modular sofas can be divided into pastoral, modern, American, and classical styles in terms of style. It can make the indoor environment present a unique style.


       2. The advantages of modular sofa

       American style modular sofa, the living room modular sofa used in the living room is generally determined according to the specific conditions of the living room. Our market has a variety of living room modular sofas to meet the needs of different consumers. This American-style petty bourgeois-style living room modular sofa adopts a combination of solid wood and fabric.

        Mediterranean style modular sofa, the living room modular sofa with fresh and elegant colors shows the Mediterranean style. The overall color of this living room modular sofa is simple and elegant, and it adopts different warm colors to create a feeling of being in nature and breathing fresh air. It is very comfortable to lie on it. It is the first choice for living room modular sofa at home.



        1. Maintenance skills

       Avoid contact with the surface by corrosive chemical liquid stains or inferior cleaning agents, which may cause damage to the leather surface such as fading, aging, cracking, etc.

       2. Cleaning skills

  •    (1) For smooth leather sofas, all methods are generally suitable, especially for leather that has been cracked without long-term care or lack of care, and is not cleaned with Jialijia or Meijiewang leather cleaner.
  •    (2) If you use Jialijia or Meijiewang leather cleaner to clean, you can clean it directly, because they do not hurt the skin at all.


       The modular sofa is a new type of sofa. It combines different types of sofas to make the sofa more distinctive and make the indoor environment more unique. In daily life, you can clean and maintain the modular sofa according to the above methods to keep the sofa beautiful and comfortable.

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