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10 Best Velvet Sofa Sectional 2022

Velvet sofa is a kind of fabric sofa, and it is one of the most popular sofa materials nowadays.

Velvet is the name of a silk fabric whose velvet warps form loops or piles on the surface of the fabric. Also known as Zhang velvet, it is named after its origin in Zhangzhou, Fujian Province, China.

There are two types of velvet: flower and plain. The surface of plain velvet is all velvet loops, while the flower velvet is a part of velvet loops that are cut into fluff according to the pattern, and the fluff and loops are alternately formed into patterns. Flower velvet is divided into two types: "bright flower" and "dark flower". There are many patterns and patterns, such as Tuanlong, Tuanfeng, Wufu holdingshou, flowers and birds, Bogu, etc. The texture is often expressed by concave and convex, and the colors are black, purple sauce, apricot yellow , blue and brown. Velvet's piles or loops stand tightly, with elegant shades, strong and wear-resistant fabrics, not easy to fade, and good resilience.

Velvet uses mulberry silk as the raw material or mulberry silk as the warp, and cotton yarn as the weft interwoven ground structure, and mulberry silk or rayon is used to raise the loop. When weaving, weave a pile rod (fine iron wire) after every four wool threads. When weaving to a certain length (about 20 cm), cut along the iron wire with a cutting knife on the machine. velvet. According to the design of the pattern, this plush can clearly display the pattern on the satin surface and be shiny. There are two forms of patterns that make up the fabric, one is velvet satin, that is, Zhang satin; the other is velvet satin, which is velvet. There are single-color and two-color points, rich and luxurious, can be used as autumn and winter clothing or advanced sofa covers, curtains, etc.

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